martes, 8 de febrero de 2011


When my mind wasn't paying attention I killed my heart, and showing
his very own style he died slowly and getting a stone shape. Lately
I started to realize how deep I had fallen you know I used to be different.
Now full of envy and disappointment my heart beaten by a useless mind
goes directly through the system to soul's chamber up there near to the brain.
(We should say that brain's sister is mind, heart's worst enemy). They started
arguing about how important is love nowadays to people well those called human
beings. They were trying to agree in the only way they could get along, sex
maybe? In the middle of that discussion they noticed something really odd, Body
was falling too much faster than it should, Afterward they weren't more seconds
left. Body was dying 'cause with heart and mind working separately they forget
the importance of being associated to the source: the infinite soul...
You may be wondering who I am... I'm the one who scares the souls that would
love to soar away but whose’s fear won't let them.
Love To Love ya' Baby

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